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Vacation Destinations are Leveraging Popular Entertainers to Attract Guests

bartrockettsmAs the summer draws near to an end some vacation destinations are still crowded with guests. Locations like Destin Florida still have a lot of visitors. Why do some locations seem to keep the summer going and some don’t? Well, quite frankly it is the extras they provide that keep the guests coming. Destin has new attractions every year and this year the Destin Harbor welcomed Bart Rockett a well know magician who has performed internationally as well as in Branson, Missouri for over eight years. Bart has been wowing the crowds with as many as two shows a night Harbor Walk Village. The Harbor adds lots of new things every year but adding a 200 seat theater for Bart Rockett has given families the opportunity to see a true Hollywood show. Guests love it which is why they are trying to stretch summer out as long as they can. Learn More about Bart Rockett at www.destinmagic.com

Market the community not the city

When it comes to marketing real estate one must keep in mind where in the buying cycle your potential custom may be in. For example, some real estate agents target cities due to the large search volume for the keyword. However, the conversion rate improves with the more specific you get. Lets look at a scenario:

Santa Rosa real estate has a search volume of 1900 per month
Rosemary Beach real estate has a search volume of 1000 per month

Rosemary Beach is in Santa Rosa Beach. Santa Rosa Beach has numerous communities of which some are primarily second homes and rentals so potential buyers quickly find that they need to narrow down their search to find the home they want and then they start searching information about the communities. So while Rosemary Beach real estate has less search volume the odds of a user actually contacting you to purchase a home is greater for the community than that of the city.

Are Luxury Vacation Rentals the New Hotels?

Imagine being in your own private, luxurious home overlooking the Gulf or a remote, peaceful section of the bay on the Emerald Coast. Imagine not having to deal with other people – other than the friends and loved ones you want to be around? Imagine living like a billionaire in your own private coastal retreat. Well, you can realize this fantasy!

Are luxury vacation rentals the new “hotels” for vacationers? They can accommodate up to 30 people, are very private and luxurious, and families or groups can pitch in to rent the entire home. Luxury vacation rentals definitely sound like the future. And the present! Here are some advantages of renting a home over a traditional hotel.

· You will feel more like a local on your vacation and get the “inside scoop” on what coast life is really like.
· It will give you as a family or a group more luxury, space, and privacy for your money than rooms at a hotel.
· You can see what it will be like to live in the area and might consider buying a home to live near the water permanently.
· Home-apartment rentals is a growing segment of the vacation industry; be on the cutting edge.
· You are more likely to have a kitchen or washer/dryer while renting a home than in a hotel.
· Most of the time, you will have more privacy and money left to spend on other things during your trip.
· The check-in and check-out times in rental homes are more likely to be flexible than in hotels.
· You will usually get more space for your dollar.
· You can live like a king or queen by renting a palatial place, even if you have to return to the “real world” after vacation.
· On the downside: Rentals homes are often not as easy to rent for a quick weekend getaway, so you will need to plan in advance in most cases.
· Sharing a house lets families spend more quality time together.
· By not being in a hotel, you can pad around in comfortable clothes or pajamas.
· Being alone in a home can be romantic for a group of couples — but at the same time allow for socializing.

Here’s a typical day in a hotel: check in after waiting for room service to finish and worry about checking out early the morning you have to leave; put on clothes to go in the hall or out in the lobby; put up with noise in the next room; feel like you are only hanging out with other tourists; complain about the price of the room and the problems with the decor; feel like an “outsider” on vacation.

Here’s a typical day in a private rented home: check in at your leisure and out at your leisure, no one is watching; walk around in your shorts and shoes since no one can see you; admire all the space and luxury that you are getting for your money; enjoy spending time with friends and loved ones rather than faking friendly with strangers in a hotel; feel at home as if you are the king of your castle on vacation.

Now which one will you choose?