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GEO Targeting Local Real Estate Markets

In today’s real estate marketing world there is a lot of competition from large brands that infringe on local real estate agents which puts pressure on local agents to advertise with them which in return makes the brand even stronger.  But there is some good news, these large brands actually have it tougher because they are competing in all local markets whereas a local realtor can focus just in his or her market.  So how do you beat these brands?  Here is a sample of how you can use GEO targeted keywords in your website content to help boost your local rankings if you were targeting Destin Florida real estate.

1)  Use different variations of keywords among your pages.

i.e.  Destin Real Estate, Destin FL real estate 

2) Use different GEO targeting traffic driving keywords that aren’t quite as competitive as the terms above.

i.e. homes for sale in Destin Florida, homes for sale in Destin Fl

3)  Make sure to have your local address listed on your website.

4)  Have a local phone number on your website.

5)  Join local organizations like the local Chamber of Commerce. Click here for an example of local chamber.

While the Destin real estate market may be different from your market, you can use the differences to strengthen your marketing.  Use inside knowledge of of communities or condo complexes that are really hot and geo focus those areas.  Large brands usually try to market their websites with programmatic techniques and focus on general strategies to catch as many areas as they can.  You can beat them by focusing on your geographic are and your niche.  We hope this post gives you a tool for competing against the big brands.

Lead Nurturing – How To Make Your Prospects Take ACTION

Lead NurturingOne of the best strategies to generating leads is by lead nurturing. This means that you remain in contact with your leads, and help them out. This in turn, could make for potential clients. Some of the best ways to do this is through successful traffic generating campaigns, and through lead generation.

Getting traffic to your site is almost more important than getting real estate leads, because without traffic, there wouldn’t be any leads. While it’s true that the vast majority of people that do search your site will not become leads, there will be some that do. For example, for every 1,000 people that visit your site, 100 might become leads, and out of those 100, 10 might become potential clients, with just 1 potentially buying or selling. A successful traffic generation campaign will ensure that you achieve enough people that do become clients to justify the expense of the campaign. If you spend $1,000 a month in traffic generation, and you are only getting 1 person a month from it, does it cover the cost?


Some of the best ways to get more traffic is through social media campaigns, paid advertising (both online and through television), and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your website. Being able to easily find your website when doing searches of the local area (or your area of service) will greatly help drive more traffic to your website. If a person is searching for your area, and you are not showing in the search engine results, the person will never get to your site.

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Online Lead Generation For Real Estate Agents

lead generationJust because you have a website doesn’t mean that you will make money. Before you can make money with your website, people have to know it existed. Many people will find your website through search engines, such as Google, while others will learn of it from other sources, be it word of mouth, TV advertising, online advertising, social media shares and links, or other sources. Getting traffic to your website doesn’t ensure sales, though, either. Just because you have traffic to your site doesn’t mean that they are going to buy, or even buy from you. You have to get traffic before you can get leads. But once the traffic is to your site, there are ways that you can help in getting more leads, and more fruitful leads. Continue reading “Online Lead Generation For Real Estate Agents” »