Real Estate Marketing

Is managing vacation rentals the next big source of listings?

I have seen a lot of interest in Destin vacation rentals from a real estate agents perspective. It appears that there is a lot of opporunity for Destin Florida agents to leverage vacation rentals for buyers and for listings. They strategy goes something like this.

Agent lists vacation rentals on their website and when they get rental leads they send the lead directly to the property owner, and cc’s the person making the inquiry. What this does is gets in front of the vacation home owner every time they get an inquiry as a courtesy rental inquiry (Owners open rental inquiry emails). And since a good portion of new second home or vacation home buyers decide to buy after vacationing, the agent has also already been in touch when them via the CC’d inquiry just in case they decide to look for properties when visiting.

So what do you think? Is this a good method of getting listings and buyers?

Creative ways of getting listing referrals.

Having listings is an important part of being successful in real estate, while you can still do well without them, having them ensures your success. So how do you go about getting new listings? Well there are numerous ways but here are some creative ways:

1. Contact owners with expired listings.
2. Contact for sale by owners on Craigslist, but make sure to use email to protect yourself from violating the no call list.
3. Contact foreclosure defense lawyers and give them your information. Foreclosure defense could include trying to unload a home quickly.
4 Look for homes that have tax liens on them.
5. Contact home owners that have just had a child graduate high school.
6. Contact military members because they tend to move a lot.

I am sure you can come up with even more methods if you put your mind to it.

Does the purchaser of a home have the right to ask for the interior pictures to be removed from internet listing websites?

A discussion around the water cooler the other day brought up some interesting conversation regarding interior images of homes once they are purchased. Basically someone had heard that a new home owner was unhappy with the fact that there were interior photos hanging out on the internet in one of those third party listing sites. They had purchased the home furnished and was concerned at the level of detail the images had including expensive items that anyone could view. So my question to you is, Can a Realtor be held liable for those pictures and could the buyer come back after the fact and file a personal injury claim against them if they were robbed?

I know that last year a basketball player had lawyers contact a MLS provider regarding showing interior images of his home. The contact was in the form of a cease and desist letter and the interior images quickly disappeared from the MLS. I wonder how difficult it was to contact all the third party listing providers in order to have them removed? Anyway would love to here your comments.